Investment Strategy

Papanui follows a calculated investment strategy starting with careful analysis of global research and development trends, technology innovation, and emerging discoveries from science and technology centers of excellence. Our team then assesses the commercialization potential for the technologies identified. Next, we identify or help create a commercial vehicle to take advantage of the significant opportunity identified. The companies and technologies we target have a strong potential for growth and value creation. Once selected, Papanui creates a capital environment which allows for maturation of technology, the ability to rapidly scale-up if necessary, and finally, provision of the resources to allow for market entry and exploitation.

Papanui performs extensive financial, technical, operational, legal and environmental due diligence to determine whether an emerging technology, trend, or company meets our investment criteria. We are not passive investors and generally seek stakes in our target market and structure our investments to ensure strong shareholder rights. We work closely with our portfolio companies and add value through board representation and/or participation in the active management of the companies, assisting management to forge their business strategies, and ensuring a key focus on building long-term value. We support our portfolio companies in ways ranging from providing capital for technology maturation through market entry, but we also provide soft services, such as introducing strategic alliances and new markets, recruiting senior management, securing new sources of financing, improving environmental policies and practices, and preparing companies for an eventual sale or listing on a stock exchange. Ongoing monitoring and management are also critical elements of a successful investment.